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HRV helps you outsource business processes in F&A and HR-management. Thanks to our web-based IT solutions you will gain from valuable decision-making skills for cooperate management, while reducing your costs.

It is advantageous for you to work with HRV particularly in case of system migrations and cost-optimisation measures in the front and back office area, as we are able to provide you with SAP-solutions using ASP models on our own servers. We also offer customising services, which means that costly investments for your own SAP projects will not be necessary as of now.

your business processes!

IT-Workflow Solutions

We are commited helping you with our workflow solutions, such as “myInvoice” which allows you digital processing of incoming invoices and also helps you draw up and edit outgoing invoices. As means of enabling the companies’ effective management of their human resources, we also developed online IT-solutions for time recording, called “myEtimer” and “myPermit”, for the efficient handling of requests for leave, absences and better time management. Moreover, we offer digital long-term archiving of all documents to fulfil the legal requirements with “myArchive”.
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If you want to learn more about our success story by means of a practical example with Warner Music Group Germany Holding you can click here .
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enormous saving potential only by using a
Digital Workflow

It's as simple as that

We generally offer our solutions using an Application Service Provider (ASP), as it allows our clients to have a worldwide web-based access to their data and documents. We take care of the hosting, the updates and the maintenance, while you will be able to deal with your core business.

The navigation system we put at your disposal is very user-friendly and simple to use, which will save you the trouble of having to undergo training. In case you should have any questions or need further clarifications on any matter, experts will be happy to help you at HRV GmbH.

By using our digital workflow, legal requirements, such as the guidelines for Data access and verifiability of Digital documents (GDPdU) will be met.
In a Nutshell
  • no costs for expensive user licences
  • minimises employee expenditure and is less time-consuming
  • Paperless process until dispatch as it can be sent electronically (e-mail) or via mail
  • Invoices are automatically sent to the right processor
  • Documentation of all stations and archiving (no document is ever lost)
  • Escalations and replacement in case of absences or rather unprocessed documents
  • set up actions contingent upon authorisation are possible
  • Data transfer for each interface on downstream systems
digitaler Workflow


Commerce, Service, Manufacturing
  • Viatos (Travelmanagement)
Payroll Accounting
  • Agenda
  • JOJO
  • RBS now / SAP
  • WBS Blank

We speak volumes

Our reliability is based on many factors. Besides having a very qualified personnel, our software systems are an undeniable asset for your success.

HRV has had extensive experience with SAP applications, workflows and document management and knows how to resolve complex interfaces between different systems. Thanks to our own IT developments we ensure flexibility when collaborating with our clients.

The use of up-to-date information technologies is one important success factor in the commercial sector. The following solutions are proven to be particularly secure and flexible.

Of course the following listings are deemed to be examples and are not exhaustive. In case you are using a software not listed below, you are more than welcome to seek help from our experts who are experienced in handling complex interface requirements and will be happy to help you.

Any Questions?
We are happy to help you.


Tailor-made Accounting service, an effective know-how transfer and up-to-date technical support ensure a successful partnership. You can learn more about HRV’s range of services in F&A.

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[?]I choose a solution. What happens next?
[!]Call us directly (0049-40-658 781-0), send us an email ( or fill out our contact form, we will contact you promptly.
[?]What is a digital Workflow?
[!]Our digital workflow decribes work routines that are supported by IT systems. The aim is the extensive automation of processes and paperless working.
[?]Why should I use a digital Workflow?
[!]The processing times can be considerably reduced. You save time and money.
No paper document "sleeps” on any of your desks. No document is lost. The processing and the continuous process are well documented.
Our workflow systems automate the coordination of who (roles) does what (tasks) how (environment). So your document always connects to the right team - according to your specifications.
[?]How much is the digital workflow? How is the pricing model?
[!]We offer our solutions in the ASP model (Application Service Provider). You can rent our software for use via the Internet or your local network. We take care of the entire administration, such as data backup, applying patches, interface monitoring, etc. and provide you with professional support service. If you choose our soulution, you don’t need to have an own IT department for the digital workflow, the server structures are not additionally burdened by our solutions. Besides the unique setup fee you pay only according to your usage requirements, so an operation Price (pay per use). We are happy to calculate an monthly rate for you too. Contact us, we will provide you gladly an individual offer.
[?]When and how do I contact the HRV support?
[!]Our technical support is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 17:00 o’clock. As a customer, you can contact us via a support hotline, an email address or a ticket system.
[?]What is an Online-Presentation and how does it course?
[!]An online presentation is a telephone call or a small conference, which is supported via a simultaneous Internet-screen transfer on your computer. During a personal telephone conversation we show you our solutions directly on your screen.
[?]How can I attend an Online-Presentation?
[!]Contact us through our contact form and we will get back to you for an appointment. On the presentation date you get a link and login information in order to follow our presentation.
In parallel, we call at the agreed number.
[?]Can I use the digital workflow solution without training?
[!]Yes! Our solutions are all easy and intuitive to use and generally require no expensive training. Of course you will get also a user account. It you require further trainings we will be happy to assist you.
[?]Can I customize the application to my requirements?
[!]Whether an individual solution that covers all the features of your companies needs is required, or if a standard solution is sufficient, you can decide for yourself. We are happy to discuss your processes and the implementation of our solutions.
[?]Who should use the workflow?
[!]Any company that wants to work innovatively and efficiently should use the digital workflow.
[?]Are there any customer references?
[!]Yes. Please ask for further contact information.
[?]How often there are software updates and how do I receive updates?
[!]Our development team provides new program versions that contain minor enhancements and updates several times month. Approximately once a year there is a greater release in which we go into more details of the customers wishes and translate them into new functions. All updates are preferable running at night and weekends recorded with minimal downtime by us. Therefore you have temporal and financial efforts. Global updates and improvements we provide of course at no extra cost.
Leasing Models
[?]What is the advantage of a leasing model?
[!]You do not need an IT department and server structures, nor will they be burdened by our system. You have a competent support service. We take care of updating and maintenance of the solutions - you can focus on your core business. In addition, you do not pay expensive licenses, only according to the actual usage (task or user price).
[?]What includes this leasing model?
[!]The use of our solutions over the Internet or your local network. Free maintenance and updating, as well as our support service.
[?]How is the invoicing done?
[!]Invoicing is based on the actual usage (transactions in the system or active users in the system) to the first of the month of the following month.
[?]Is my data safe?
[!]The additions and data transfers over the Internet run sole through encrypted SHTTP and SFTP protocols. In addition, all data is regularly secured against data loss. The online access is secured with a password. The password policies can be adjusted.
[?]Can I upgrade my rented solution, eg. for more users or additional modules?
[!]Yes! Additional users can be added at any time at short notice. Additional modules can be added after appropriate setup / configuration too.
[?]Is a Downgrade possible too? (Withdrawal of already carried out technical improvements)
[!]Global updates and improvements will affect your processes nothing but positive. Changes can always be deactivated or undone. A downgrade is therefore not necessary.
[?]I need a specific evaluation or other adjustment. Is it possible?
[!]Yes! We are happy to adapt existing functions or analyzes for you or develop individual evaluations, functions and even (partial) solutions.
[?]Can I use my solution also on my iPhone or Android smartphone?
[!]An optimized solution for iPhone and Android smartphones is currently in the testing phase.
[?]Runs my solution also on my iPad?
[!]An optimized solution for the iPad is currently in the test Phase.
We will be glad to assist you.
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