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The digital solution myDMS accompanies and supports your digital document processing from the first step until the archiving. It makes no difference if it is a scanned document, a file or an E-Mail.

You are able to view the actual details of your documents at any time -this way you are able to find and correct errors in transfers quick and easy. All documents will then be digitally saved - from the first transfer on - according to the requirements of GoBD. Every process step of the documents is protocolled and protected against intentional and unintentional changes via check sums.

MyDMS is the perfect SaaS solution to manage and save your documents audit-proof. The access is exclusifely possible via web frontend. If needed, an "on-premises-solution" is possible (you may run myDMS-Archive in your preferred System Environment).

According to GoBD (Rz. 119) the documents in myDMS are exclusively being saved in their original transmitted form. The customer is responsible for the transfer of the original documents. These documents will only be converted in other formats for the display in affiliated systems. The basic package includes a storage on virtualized servers in the central datacentre of HRV. Other storage media e.g. cloud storage is possible and may be customized individually. A further certification server as an external instance is recommended to prevent potential falsifications. The main data format is pdf (portable document format).


MyDMS from HRV provides substantial search functions. An indexed database enables you to search for documents or process steps in particular or combined through different filter options.

Possible searches and filter Options are:
Vendor / Supplier (by number or name)
Document no. (HRV UDID, invoice no., entry no.)
Gross amount (from ... until)
Date (created, handled, document / from ... until)
Type of document and document status


All actions including user or machine data are recorded in a relational database. Furthermore a digital docket is being added to the saved documents. The docket is XML data that contains every detected data associated to the document. All relevant process information is protocolled here. Therefore a transfer to foreign archive systems or a data restoration is possible at any time (GoBD Rz. 142).
  • dayly differential (only changed data) database backup and relational database backup and weekly full backup (guaranteed from the datacenter provider)
  • backup of all documents and a complete image of the database can be saved in a cloud
  • supported by all common browsers
  • easy to use and quick find documents via search functions
  • smooth installation- and support phase
  • archived data is always owned by datasupplier
  • no hardware installation required
  • satisfies the requirements of the Federal Ministry of Finance for the storage of digital documents

Data center or private network?

Operating the system in a data center
  • You may access your documents anytime and from every place around the globe.
  • There is no need for any hardware to save your documents on. We take care of backups, hardwaresupport, etc.
  • The archive system is being hosted and may be accessed via Internet or else just as you like.
Operating the system in a private network
  • It is up to you how you want to access the web-based documents (private network / private webserver).
  • Whether you need suggestions for required hardware or a preinstalled server / workstation -we are looking forward to assisting you to cofigure and set up the system just the way you like.
  • Our software runs fluent on all actual Windows and Linux server systems.
MyArchive is used in the fields of: digital archiving, long-term-storage, documentmanagementsystem,
dokument repository, web-based access to archive, archive for scanned documents
Do you have any further questions?Your contact person for the Document Management System is our CEO:
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