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For successful outsourcing it is of prime importance that a competent partner is chosen in order to achieve your goals. Throughout its 20 years of experience in this domain, HRV has gained some indisputable knowledge and provides you with outsourcing concepts thanks to which companies are able to enhance their market position - despite of the current race for lower costs, higher quality and shorter time limits.

Hamburg-based HRV GmbH is in charge of the accounting for national and international companies with globally dispersed subsidiaries. As a competence centre for F&A we convince our clients of our excellence with our custom tailored solutions. Our IT-know how enables you to significantly diminish your processes, and is particularly advantageous in case of system migrations and cost-optimisation measures in the front and back office area. You will benefit from an up-to-date decision making basis.

Focus on your core business

The term ‘outsourcing’ is a coinage of the expression ‘outside resourcing’ and involves the subcontracting of a business process to another party, which is a form of business organisation – in other words, those who use outsourcing, outsource corporate units or internal corporate activities to external service providers. Typically, those activities involve tasks which are not part of the company’s core competencies, such as F&A. Hence, domains such as accounting, controlling and management are more prone to outsourcing, as they want to save costs while gaining more freedom for their core business.
The advantages of outsourcing are obvious: Who outsources business processes that are not part of the core competence of a competent specialist, benefits enormously
Outsourcing – right for my company?It is suitable for all companies - whether they earn 1 million euros or over 500 million euros. Also small companies are prone to outsourcing activities, when for instance they have their accounting and balance sheet drawn up by a tax consultant. In case the company grows rapidly and binds already employees in support or financial expertise, it is important that they choose the right outsourcing partner. In this case it is important that they are equipped with the equivalent systems and offer access to online reporting.

Yes, but...Often companies have legitimate reservations about outsourcing an activity as they fear that there might be issues with handling confidential information and keeping control over their business transactions or even the assignment of their own workforce in the future. At HRV delicate data is dealt with in an absolutely professional and confidential manner and no sensitive information is ever disclosed.

Individual service - not by the numbersCompanies generally tend to argue that outsourcing implies losing track of their accounting, when in fact the opposite is true, as they benefit from new input and ideas. HRV offers their clients access on a Virtual Private Network (VPN), thanks to which they can access their data, accounts and even their business processes at all times. The user is given the possibility to login on a firewall platform (with a username and a password) and can look at their data at their own convenience.

Downsizing may not be the only answer
Even for your employees in the accounting department, outsourcing might implicate less disadvantages as it is generally feared. In fact, a structural change has a positive impact on employees’ performance, as they are able to focus on essential processes while extending their knowledge (specialisation) and working towards a goal.

These are the advantages you
get by working with HRV

IndependenceStaff shortage is a thing of the past now, since we are responsible for respecting the deadlines. HRV guaranties the punctual execution of all tasks and is prepared for any workload fluctuations.

Get a daily updated overview of your activitiesOur clients are able to access our platform via a VPN (virtual private network) which provides them an insight into their actual financial and profit situation. Thus, you can quickly decide if a measure brings expected results, if the objective is achieved or if the current situation requires a quick reaction.

Fair pricingAt HRV you only pay for what you get. We draw up precise accounts and offer prices in function of the scope and nature of the services (volume based). Our services can be combined individually and can be adapted to your actual business processes. That way, you only pay for the services you ordered – you get a clear and transparent overview of your costs and receive foreseeable results.

Reduced complexityThanks to clearly, predefined service levels you will be informed of the status of outsourced tasks. You will receive a confirmation of provided services, stating if the quality target goal was reached. As your partner we remain flexible and adapt to your current needs and you won’t have to worry about the validity of your figures.
Efficient AccountingOur core competence is F&A. We offer you individual controlling and valuation tools so that you can be sure of the validity of your figures.

Sustainable cost reductionWorking together with HRV implicates a thorough evaluation of existing procedures in the transitional phase. Jointly with our clients we identify cost cutting potentials - you realise savings and optimise your back office.

High performanceHRV uses the most recent IT-solutions in order to face clients’ needs and to enhance their productivity. You will benefit from forward-looking applications using up-to-date technology without having to invest in any hard- or software.

New incentivesOur employees dispose of subject-specific knowledge and excellent expertise. The ongoing tedious task of having to keep up with administrative regulations, legislative changes and new discretions will now be handled by us.

We want you to feel

Our Philosophy

HRV’s mission is to transform obsolete back office structures into a valuable contribution for dynamic corporate management.

Accuracy, rigour and commitment are amongst our core principles. We associate our daily work with creativity, seriousness, progress and reliability.

We conserve traditional values, while we are still open for new ones. We are able to surpass our clients’ expectations, even in sometimes unconventional or traditional ways. The modernisation of structures and the creation of measurable values is what will continuously guide our actions.

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Clients Voices

"We improve from significantly better controlling possibilities that come along
with this new way of working. We can take influence faster and more direct."
Rudolf Ratjen, Warner Music Group
“Thanks to HRV’s adapted IT-Solutions and a digital workflow, we were able to considerably optimise accounts payable processes in terms of time management, costs and archiving.”
Pascal Zahn, CEO OLIMAR Reisen Vertriebs GmbH Cologne